Online BillPay

Online Banking gives you the ability to pay bills right from your computer! With Online BillPay, you will be able to pay your bills without stamps, without envelopes, without checks, and without hassle. What's more, the money does not leave your account until the due date. In fact, it's so quick and easy, you'll never want to pay bills the "old-fashioned" way again!

Features of TrustBank Online BillPay include:

Payee List: All of your BillPay payees are stored online so you only enter the payee information once.

Payments: When you make a payment to one of your payees, Online BillPay will not debit your account for electronic payment until the scheduled payment date.

Schedule Recurring and One-time Payments: Set up a recurring payment for regular bills that have a fixed amount, such as your mortgage or cable TV bill. You can also set up one-time payments for regular bills whose amounts vary, like your phone or electric bill.

New Features

There are many new features and product enhancements included in your Online Banking BillPay experience:

  • New Biller Grouping
    • This grouping feature allows you to 'cluster' individual bills in logical groupings (such as 'credit cards') within the Pay Bills module.
    • Accessed via the Payments tab with a new link, "Add/Manage Groups" takes you to the group management page.
    • You type in and add group names that are unique and defined by you.
    • You also have the option to hide individual groups from view on the Payment Center. (useful for archiving old billers/payees)
  • Updated Icons
  • ​Suggests Billers Based on Similar Geography
    • A new "mini-module" will now appear above the biller list in Payment Center if you have less than four billers.
    • The system will suggest probable billers based on who other people are paying in the same zip code.
    • Probable billers are grouped together into industry categories for easier discovery and navigation.
    • You only need your biller account number to add the biller to your list.

We hope you enjoy these new and improved BillPay services.

Online BillPay Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do through Online BillPay?

A: With Online BillPay you can set up the automatic payment of all your bills. Bills with one-time payments of varying amounts; like the phone bill or utility bill, or recurring bills with fixed amounts; like your mortgage or cable TV bill. You can also review your upcoming scheduled payments and make changes or cancel them.

Q: When does TrustBank take the money out of my account?

A: When you wish to make a payment to one of your payees, Online BillPay will not debit your account for electronic payments until the scheduled payment date.

Q: Is there a fee for BillPay?

A: There is NO fee for Personal Online BillPay. Commercial Online Banking customers are allowed 10 FREE BillPays a month, with a $.50 charge for each additional bill pay over 10.

Q: What happens if I set up a payment, but do not have the funds in my account?

A: When you schedule a bill payment using the Online Banking Services, you authorize us to withdraw the necessary funds from your bill payment account with us.

If the funds are not available in your account at that time, your account may be overdrawn in order to make the payment, and normal non-sufficient funds fees will apply (similar to the process of writing a check from your checkbook). See Fees for further info.

Q: Once I have scheduled a payment, can I change or cancel it?

A: You may cancel any scheduled payment (if processing has not begun) by following the directions within the BillPay service. For more information, call TrustBank at (800) 766-3451 for instructions.