Officers & Directors


Daniel L. Eichelberger

President and CEO

Deborah A. Mitchell Executive Vice President /Chief Risk Officer
Emily J. Stephenson Chief Financial Officer
Jason M. Kern Chief Operations Officer
Larry F. Volk Senior Vice President / Loan Officer
Gregory T. Kuenstler Executive Vice President / Loan Officer
Keith W. Schonert Vice President / Loan Officer
Jack R. Billington Vice President / Loan Officer
Paula J. Kocher Vice President / Loan Officer
Sandra L. Hudson President TrustBank Arizona
Gregory W. Furseth Chief Fiduciary Officer
Jason G. Richards Senior Portfolio Manager
Jennifer Higgins Vice President / Senior Relationship Manager
Jon J. Racklin Trust Officer
Chelsea D. Rude Financial Service Rep / Investment Consultant
Kurt E. Ginder IT Manager
Deborah L. Phillips Marketing Officer
Lorri A. Rusk Assistant Trust Officer
Lois E. Dietrich Cashier / Bank Secrecy Act Officer
Mitzi J. Tracy Human Resource Manager / Compliance Officer
Todd W. Berger Loan Officer
Jordan S. Atwood Loan Officer
Brian K. Hout Operations Manager/Loan Officer
Kelly T. Klingler TrustBank Cisne Operations Manager / Loan Officer
A. Judi Schell TrustBank Cisne AVP/Loan Officer

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  • John S. Kermicle, Chairman of the Board
  • Daniel L. Eichelberger
  • Gregory T. Kuenstler
  • Charles W. Diel
  • Bradley M. Doll
  • Robert J. Glovitz
  • Michael J. Thomas
  • Steven L. Schonert
  • Daniel G. Eagleson