Officers & Directors


Daniel L. Eichelberger

President and CEO

Deborah A. Mitchell Executive Vice President /Chief Risk Officer
Emily J. Stephenson Chief Financial Officer
Jason M. Kern Chief Operations Officer
Larry F. Volk Senior Vice President / Loan Officer
Gregory T. Kuenstler Executive Vice President / Loan Officer
Keith W. Schonert Vice President / Loan Officer
Jack R. Billington Vice President / Loan Officer
Paula J. Kocher Vice President / Loan Officer
Sandra L. Hudson President TrustBank Arizona
Gregory W. Furseth Chief Fiduciary Officer
Jason G. Richards Senior Portfolio Manager
Theresa M. Lioce Senior Wealth Manager
Jon J. Racklin Trust Officer
Chelsea D. Rude Financial Service Rep / Investment Consultant
Kurt E. Ginder IT Manager
Deborah L. Phillips Marketing Officer
Lorri A. Rusk Assistant Trust Officer
Lois E. Dietrich Cashier / Bank Secrecy Act Officer
Mitzi J. Tracy Human Resource Manager / Compliance Officer
Todd W. Berger Loan Officer
Jordan S. Atwood Loan Officer
Brian K. Hout Operations Manager/Loan Officer
Kelly T. Klingler TrustBank Cisne Operations Manager / Loan Officer
A. Judi Schell TrustBank Cisne AVP/Loan Officer

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  • John S. Kermicle, Chairman of the Board
  • Daniel L. Eichelberger
  • Gregory T. Kuenstler
  • Charles W. Diel
  • Bradley M. Doll
  • Robert J. Glovitz
  • Michael J. Thomas
  • Steven L. Schonert
  • Daniel G. Eagleson