Business Remote Deposit Capture

Technology That Works For Your Business

TrustBank's Business Remote Deposit Capture allows business customers to convert paper checks into electronic images and deposit the images from their business location! The deposit credit appears in our customer's checking account the same banking business day if checks are deposited before 6pm CST.

This is an entirely new way for TrustBank business customers to process and deposit any type of check. It is a world class, back-office, electronic payment processing solution that requires only one image scanner per business.

3 Easy Steps

  1. SCAN
    Checks are converted from paper to image format.
    System automatically distinguishes and converts Consumer and Non-consumer items.
    Funds are credited to your account within the next business day.


  • Convenience
    Deposit checks right from your desk with 24/7 access to your payment status.
  • Reduced Expenses
    Save time and money by eliminating the cost and liability of regular trips to the branch.
  • Faster Clearing
    Deposit checks as soon as you receive them with next business day funds availability. 
  • Streamlined Operations
    Improve speed and accuracy of deposits.  Centralize deposits from satellite offices with one financial institution.


  • Affordable
    All you need to start depositing checks now is a PC with Windows 7 or newer, and an internet connection.
                 $40 one-time setup fee
                 $55 per month program fee
                 $0.12 per item
                 $2 per month for each additional account
                 $1.50 per returned item
                 $655 scanner purchase or $25 per month scanner rental fee
  • Extended Deposit Times
    Deposit checks at your convenience and make deposits right from your desk with 24/7 access to payment status.
  • Flexible
    We will customize this service to support small to large business and varying deposit volume.

What is Remote Deposit?

Remote deposit allows you to scan all of your checks electronically using a check scanner and a PC with high-speed internet. Check images are then securely transmitted to TrustBank for deposit.

Is Training Provided?

TrustBank will help you select the appropriate scanner for your business needs and work with you to begin electronically depositing your client’s checks. TrustBank will provide training to you and your employees.

How Can My Business Benefit From Using Business Remote Deposit Capture?

With Remote Deposit your money will get deposited quickly, conveniently, and securely. You will no longer have to make routine trips to the bank, no more deposit slips, and no more courier service!

How Will I Save Time By Using Remote Deposit Capture?

With convenient Remote Deposit Service, checks are deposited right from your desktop. No hassle, no waiting! Your valuable time is no longer spent traveling to and from the bank, leaving you more time to grow your business.

Contact Jason Kern at TrustBank today to find out more about how Business Remote Deposit Capture can simplify your business banking needs!

Jason can be reached by phone at 800-766-3451 or by email at

Equipment Requirement:

  • Windows PC running Windows 7 or newer with a broadband internet connection.
  • 1 check scanner available from TrustBank.