Regular CDs

TrustBank Certificates of Deposit are a great way to invest in your future. TrustBank offers terms from 91 days to 60 months.

Recommended if you:

  • Have $500 or more to invest
  • Can invest funds for at least 3 months
  • Want to earn a higher rate of interest than available with Statement Savings or Money Market accounts


  • Earn higher rates than you would with savings account
  • Insured by FDIC

Important Facts

  • Minimum to open 9-month to 60-month CD: $500
  • Minimum to open 91-day or 182-day CD: $2500
  • A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is an investment made for a specific time period, so higher rates are usually paid
  • Interest rates are based upon the CD term, and rates are guaranteed through the maturity date
  • Can invest funds from 91 days to five years
  • CD automatically renews at maturity for the same term at the new effective rate, and if you decide not to renew, you have a 10-day penalty-free grace period
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply

Regular CD Forms:

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