If you're thinking about starting a new business or expanding an existing business, then TrustBank is the only bank you'll need.

We offer:

  • Short-term Commercial Loans
  • Intermediate-term Commercial Loans
  • Long-term Commercial Loans
  • Letters of Credit

Short-term Commercial Loans

Short-term loans of one year or less are available to help you manage your business around your cash cycle. This type of loan can include interim construction loans, land development loans and working capital credit lines.

Intermediate-term Commercial Loans

These loans are made for a period of two to seven years and are often used to purchase machinery or equipment, with the term of the loan usually corresponding to the useful life of the asset being purchased. This type of loan is also used to finance permanent working capital needs such as the expansion of your business or the purchase of a new business.

Long-term Commercial Loans

These secured loans offer repayment over an extended period of time, usually from 10-15 years, and are often used to purchase commercial real estate or multi-family housing.

Letters of Credit

We offer both a Standby and a Documentary Letter of Credit. These are letters that facilitate business between buyers and sellers so that transactions can be made that protect both parties. A loan application is required. Frequently they are used when doing business with parties who are located at a long distance.

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