Service Fee Rates

Effective Date: March 1, 2012

Service Fee
Money Orders $2.00
Cashier Checks $3.00
Copies of Check/Deposits (per item) $5.00
Temporary Checks/Deposits 10/$5.00
Account Printout $2.00
Printed Check Orders  Price Varies
Notary Service (per item) $1.00
Signature Guarantee Customer (per item) $5.00
Signature Guarantee Non-Customer (per item) $30.00
License & Title Service $20.00
Statement Replacement $5.00
Duplicate ATM Cards $5.00
Night Deposit Bag $10.00
Night Deposit Bag w/ Lock $30.00
Wire Transfer Customer $20.00
Wire Transfer International $50.00
Wire Transfer Non Customer $35.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
Foreign Currency Orders $25.00
Christmas Club & CD Early Withdrawl Fee $25.00
Garnishment, Levy & Liens $25.00
Line of Credit Transfer Fee $3.00
*Transfer Fee (employee prepared) $5.00
Account Watch (per month) $25.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Paid Non Sufficient Fund Fee $30.00
2 Returned Non Sufficient Fund Fee $30.00
1 Overdraft Privilege Fee $30.00
Return Deposit Items $20.00
Collection Items $20.00
Checkbook Account Balancing (per hr) $20.00

Research (per hr)

$25.00 ($25.00 minimum)
Per Item Fee $5.00
Dormant Maintenance Fee (monthly) $7.00 - An account is dormant if,
for 1 year for checking and 2 years for savings,
there is no activity or written communication
from you of an interest in the account. 
Indemnity Bonds $10.00
Non-Customer Check Cashing (per check) 5% or min $15.00


4% or min $10.00

Coin/roll (Non-Customer)


Currency/Strap (Non-Customer)

*Account Closing Charge (within 90 days) $15.00
Foreign Check Collection $15.00 (+) Correspondent Charges
Canadian Check Collection $20.00 (+) Correspondent Charges
Balance Inquiry N/C
Coin Counting - Non Customer 2.00%
ATM Foreign Transaction Fee N/C
Photocopies (per item) $.25
Fax Machine (per page) $1.00
Purchase or Sale of Precious Metals  $25.00
Bond Coupon Redemption (per envelope)  $5.00
Safe Deposit Box - Drilled $75.00 plus Expenses
Safe Deposit Box Rental Price Varies
Safe Box Late $5.00
ATM Surcharge Fee (non-customer) $2.00
Coin per roll (non-customer) $.25
Currency per strap (non-customer) $1.00

*This fee or charge does not apply to free checking

1 Assessed when the current available balance in your account is insufficient to cover an item presented for payment and the item is paid.

2 Assessed when the available current balance in your account is insufficient to cover an item presented for payment and the item is return unpaid.

Examples of items presented for payment: checks, ATM transactions, debit card point of sale transactions. ACH payments and other debit items. 

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