Portfolio Management

With over 105 years of experience in the financial services industry, TrustBank has redefined the wealth management experience.  We set the standard for client care and investment management, seeking to exceed your expectations so that we can protect your wealth and legacy for generations to come.  Clients choose TrustBank for the following three reasons:



  • Your account is managed by the leadership team of TrustBank, and you have direct access to our Investment Management insights.
  • The teams responsible for your portfolio are engaged and own our responsibilities to you. We do not delegate them.
  • Our team is structured to provide you with rapid responses. We are proactive so you remain informed and confident in all types of markets.


  • We embrace a culture of objectivity and transparency. You will know what we do and why we do it.
  • We take long-term views when evaluating portfolio allocations, but we make current-market adjustments to manage your portfolio toward your specific goal.
  • We independently select high quality managers and investments, and thoughtfully integrate them to meet your objective.


  • We access best-in-class global resources and insights, and then we overlay our own rigorous discipline to construct your portfolio.
  • We build portfolios that are “client-driven.” Each investment in your portfolio plays a role in achieving your specific goals.
  • We regularly evaluate your portfolio to assess if we are meeting your objective, as opposed to matching a market benchmark.