Business Services

Developing a plan for your business's future calls for specialized expertise. Whether you are in a stage of growth, or planning for your exit, TrustBank can help you craft a plan that takes into consideration your business, personal, and family goals.


Companies small and large face challenges, but advance planning can help you control the outcome. The team at TrustBank can help pull all aspects of your business's finances together. Whether it is capital needs, employee benefits, tax planning, or cash flow management - the products TrustBank has in place will set you up for success.


At TrustBank, we understand the importance of retaining good employees. We can assist you in determining a plan that fllls the needs of your participants and falls within your budget. Services provided to your company include on-site education meetings and a robust platform to assist your employees at all stages of their lives.


Unique assets can be complex, but offer an opportunity for sophisticated planning. The team at TrustBank serves as a fiduciary to help you manage real estate, agricultural services, and other unique assets.


It is never too early to start planning for the future of your business. The Wealth Management Team at TrustBank has the expertise you need. We understand that business ownership and personal wealth are intertwined and that the best solutions integrate all aspects of your flnancial plan including tax planning, risk management, your personal financial plan, and successful business transitioning.

For more information, please email Wealth.Management@trustbank.net