TrustBank Arizona Adds Two to Staff

(January 10, 2013)

PHOENIX, Arizona (January 10, 2013) – TrustBank is pleased to announce its recent hire of two new staff members.  Greg Furseth joined the team as the Chief Fiduciary Officer and Sandy Anderson joined the team as the Director of Community Development.

TrustBank is based in Olney, IL and has had a presence in Phoenix since 2006.

About TrustBank

TrustBank Arizona is a boutique wealth advisory institution and is part of TrustBank from Olney, IL.  TrustBank was formed on September 13, 1912 and was originally called Olney Trust & Banking Company. In 1999, Olney Trust Bank purchased Cisne State Bank and was often referred to as “The Trust Bank.” With the purchase of Cisne State Bank, it was a logical progression to shorten the bank’s name to TrustBank. TrustBank is built on a commitment to superior service.  TrustBank works with local businesses, professionals and those individuals who seek a high level of service and demand a bank that focuses on customer service.  TrustBank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rich Land Bancorp, Inc., a one-bank holding company. As of June 30, 2012, total assets were $170.5 million, with capital of $20.5 million. The capital to asset ratio is 12%.

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